Our Staff

Arundel offers 24 hour support from staff, providing staff from 6am – 11pm. During the night time hours of 11pm - 6am there are sleep-in staff available to support where required and during any emergencies.

Our staffing team are friendly and passionate about supporting our residents. The staff team vary in age, gender, backgrounds and skills which brings diversity to the home. We have lots of staff that have worked here for many years and others from a range of different care backgrounds, some have some come from other professions who bring fresh ideas to Arundel.

Our staff undertake various training courses to ensure a wide range of knowledge. All staff hold at least an NVQ/QCF 2 or are working towards one.

Our staff team consists of a Registered Manager & Deputy Manager, 2 Senior Support Workers, 9 Support Workers & 2 housekeepers. The team works closely together to ensure a high standard of support and care is given to our residents. We also work closely with various professionals.

The Registered Manager holds and NVQ 3, NVQ 4 and the Registered Managers award.

The Deputy Manager holds a NVQ 3 and 4 and they both have many years experience in Mental Health work.